The Time

When I do count the clock tell the time,

And see the brave day sunk in hideous night.

Still the clock say keep walking,

because it’s the time that passes.

It’s the race against the time,

And it keep walking ahead of mine.

The clock say “You can’t win the time”,

But I still keep trying.

I know no one can WIN the time,

But you need to keep racing against that time.

And the clock says…




People Today…

Everyone wants to live in sorrow of sadness,

beyond the bright color of happiness…

why you run behind the success,

when it all about talent…

Everyone wants to grab the bright light of life,

without going through dark…

After all it’s all about the path,

then why concentrate on goal…

And they say I’m still on the wrong track.

-Sanat Patel


You are trying to be the lead;

like a famous book that people will read.

wanting to get the title of “unbeaten”.

no single thing to you is hidden.

you are favored because of thy name.

overwhelmed by the sound of fame.

be watchful you big-headed;

there are things that you devastated.


People Think…

Life is all about MONEY,

isn’t it so funny.

They think they can buy happiness,

But, they forget happiness comes along sadness.

Everyone want’s to be successful,

But no one what’s to learn from failure.

Time passes, people don’t stop thinking,

people forget to start Implementing.

And people think…

Life is all about Money,

isn’t it so funny…